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Professor Samuel S. Mao (more information)

  • Research Team

Ming Ting

Vincent Francart

Thibault Lecoq

Jingying Xie



      Former Ph.D. Students

Matthew Rogers (2008, now at Applied Materials)

Steven Barcelo (2009, now at HP)

Kenneth Russell Carrington (2009, now at VAL Heath)

Derrick Speaks (2011, now at Intel)

Xiaojun Zhang (2011, now at Applied Materials)

Tony Ho (2012, now at United Technologies)

Travis Owens (2012, now at Pivotal Systems)

Coleman Kronawitter (2012, now at Princeton University)

Allan Chen (2013, now at Adelphi)

Michael Fina (2013, now at Raytheon)

Matt Beres (2014 now at UC Berkeley)

Timothy Suen (2013, now at Miasole)

Rula Klini (2008/visiting, University of Crete)

Shaohua Shen (2010/visiting, Xi'an Jiaotong University)

Haitao Wang (2010/visiting, USTC)

Calvin Wang (2010/visiting, National Tsinghua University)

Xiaodong Wang (2012/visiting, Tianjin University)

Rongrong Guo (2012/visiting, NWPU)


      Former M.Sc. Students

James An (2010, now at Samsung)

Guillermo Garcia (2010, now at Heliotrope)

Lucas Oehlerking (2010, now at Solexant)

William Casper-Ortiz  (2010, now at Puerto Rico)

Martin Sievers (2010/visiting, Hamburg University of Technology)

Lisa Andresen (2011/visiting, Hamburg University of Technology)





      Former Postdoctoral & Affiliate Scientists

Xiaobo Chen (now professor at University of Missouri - Kansas City)

Zhaoyang Chen (now professor at Beijing University of Chemical Technology)

David Hwang (now professor at SUNY, Stony Brook)

Bin Liu (now professor Chinese Academy of Science, Dalian)

Ming-Tsang Lee (now professor at Taiwan)

Deang Liu (Shanghai Jiaotong University)

Meiying Liu (now professor at Liaoning Normal University)

Zhixun Ma (PPG)

Shaohua Shen (now professor at Xi'an Jiaotong University)

Dongdong Wang (LBNL)

Vasilia Zorba (LBNL)

Lihua Zhao (HP)

Hexiang Zhong (Chinese Academy of Science, Dalian)

Ping Xiao (INE)


      Former Student Interns

Mr. Emil Hernandez-Pagan (2004)

Ms. Candace Chan (2005)

Mr. Jake McMahon (2005)

Mr. Darin Leonhardt (2006)

Ms. Maria Schriver (2006)

Ms. Helen Shang (2007)

Mr. Jimmy Zhou (2008)

Mr. Michael Zhou (2009)

Mr. Charles Zeng (2009)

Mr. Vig Sampath (2010)

Mr. Shawn Li (2010)

Mr. Eric Fang (2011)

Ms. Nancy Guo (2011)


      Visiting Professors

Prof. Bin Li (Chinese Academy of Science, Shanghai)

Prof. Huiying Hao (China University of Geosciences)

Prof. Feng Ren (Wuhan University)

Prof. Li Ren  (Hebei University of Technology)

Prof. Li Zhao (Tianjin University)

Prof. Chaoyong Deng (Guizhou University)

Prof. Dongfang Liu (Chinese Academy of Science, Shanghai)

Prof. Feng Huang (China Agricultural University)

Prof. Hongcai He (Chengdu University of Electronics Technology)




  University of California at Berkeley