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Clean Energy Engineering Laboratory is directed by Professor Samuel S. Mao

an adjunct professor of U. C. Berkeley and founder of the Institute of New Energy

that promotes international collaboration and global commercialization

of clean energy and environmental technologies, to benefit society beyond borders.



                  Representative Scientific Publications


                        * MATERIALS TECHNOLOGY (Thin Film Semiconductors):

                           "Electronic band structure of ZnO-rich highly mismatched ZnOTe alloys."

                            Applied Physics Letters, V. 106, 092101 (2015).


                        * INVITED/REVIEW:

                           "Combination of nanosizing and interfacial effect: Future perspective for designing Mg-based nanomaterials for hydrogen storage."

                            Renewable and Sustainable Energy Reviews, V.44, 289 (2015).


                        * ENERGY TECHNOLOGY (Photoelectrochemical Devices):

                           "Surface-engineered doping of hermatite nanorod arrays for improved photoelectrochemical water splitting."

                            Scientific Reports, V.4, 6627 (2014).


                        * INVITED/REVIEW:

                           "Enabling silicon for solar fuel production."

                            Chemical Reviews, V.114, 8662 (2014).


                        * MATERIALS TECHNOLOGY (Combinatorial Discovery):

                           "High throughput growth and characterization of thin film materials."

                            Journal of Crystal Growth, V.379, 123 (2013).


                        * INVITED/REVIEW:

                           "Catalysing artificial photosynthesis."

                            Nature Photonics, V.7, 944 (2013).


                        * ENERGY TECHNOLOGY (Energy Harvesting):

                           "Increased power production through enhancements to the Organic Flash Cycle."

                            Energy, V. 45, 686 (2012).


                        * INVITED/REVIEW:

                           "Nanomaterials for renewable energy production and storage."

                            Chemical Society Reviews, V. 41, 7909 (2012).


                        * MATERIALS TECHNOLOGY (Photocatalytic Materials):

                           "Increasing solar absorption for photocatalysis with black, hydrogenated titanium dioxide nanocrystals."

                            Science, V.331, 746 (2011).



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